Blues Wrapped Round My Head

scissors cut paper
paper blows away
stone smashes scissors
and so it goes another day
but it's all downhill from here
at least that's what sisyphus said
ah you're fucked six ways from sunday
with the blues wrapped round your head

need to call my baby
but her number's been unlisted
i wonder will i ever straighten out
all the words that woman twisted
gonna move out to the country
paint my mailbox red
and say please wait a minute mister postman
got the blues wrapped round my head

what's the use of having a memory
when it only moves in one direction
you think you'll learn from experience
but that's just a misconception
so you can save your cheerful good mornings
i'm staying right here in this bed
and don't you dare open up those curtains
i got the blues wrapped round my head

i'll have one more for the road
six more for the ditch
i been sitting in your electric chair for years
so just go ahead now and throw the switch
but the joke's gonna be on you
you see i'm already dead
at least that's how it feels
when the blues blues wrap round your head