Until You Kiss Me

i left home a long time ago with a bag full of dreams
now all i've got is a pocket full of cinders
at least i made a clean escape from the temple
lord i never want to see another money lender
but i won't have no peace of mind
until you kiss me babe

i blew across the great plains like a plastic bag
from the broken heart of town to the dock of the bay
there ain't that much to say about the wide wide world
people everywhere just sleepwalk in their own little way
and ain't no hope of waking up until you kiss me babe

ours is a strange dilemma don't you know
this life of constant wandering is but a curse
disassembled and rearranged
through a thousand time zones
with just a ticket to ride in that long black hearse
ah but honey we could cheat death for a little while
if you'd just kiss me babe

all i want is a cozy little cottage
with a little garden to sit in on a sunny day
with some trees just tall enough
to block the view of the storm clouds
that'll bring the rains and the flood
that's gonna wash it all away
and you there with me before the deluge
you there to kiss me babe
there to kiss me babe