Tokyo's METROPOLIS magazine

Dan Grunebaum, writing for Tokyo's weekly English-language magazine Metropolis, has this to say about Roomful of Ghosts:

Tokyo-based percussionist Samm Bennett’s polyphonic virtuosity is well known, but little did I realize he also harbored a singer-songwriter within his eccentric self. Roomful of Ghosts is a collection of songs as peripatetic as Bennett’s wanderings over the decades. It’s steeped in the blues of his Alabama homeland; soaked in the African rhythms of his travels; and topped off with the avant-garde leanings of his years in New York as part of the downtown scene, followed by his decade here in Tokyo. Providing his own accompaniment on instruments ranging from the ukulele to the jaw harp and even a “face slap,” Bennett weaves mesmerizing, blues-inflected tales that transport the listener on a journey from New Orleans to Amsterdam and on through the febrile garden of his consciousness.

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