A Thousand Rhymes

here comes a man with a red hot spike
stuck through his head
ain't it a wonder ain't it a wonder
a wonder he ain't dead

i been to oklahoma, california, tennessee
but they all just watch the same things
the same things on tv

people my baby takes good care of me
she gave me a black cat bone
she left me twenty years ago
but i've never been alone

now the mayor tried to shoot me
and the governor called me dumb
but the president gave me a banjo string
and a piece of chewing gum

how do i love thee baby
i'd like to count the ways
but all the reasons they keep going
in and out of phase

there's a dust storm down in bakersfield
and it's raining in duluth
but it's nice and sunny in timbuktu
i'm telling you the truth

now people i'm gonna go kick my kick drum
gonna kick it a thousand times
then i'll take a word like orange
and give it a thousand rhymes