I Burned This Song

i took out my little notebook
and my ball point pen
i had some lines running round my head
it was time to write a song again
now there's that poignancy you strive for
and this time i felt like i was near it
but let me tell you something honey
this song you'll never hear it
cause when i'd finished well it just felt wrong
cause you see i burned this song

there were no distractions
my concentration was good
the phrases came out naturally
just the way they should
but as i put it all together
i began to get a clue
that there was a lie at the center
and it had to do with you
and then i started wondering where do i belong
that's when i burned this song

now i know you might be wondering
what kind of song went up in smoke
were the words all dark and serious
or was it like a little joke
well you know it was a little of the former
and a little of the latter
but you ain't never gonna hear it babe
so hey what does it matter
and now excuse me while i go and bang my gong
cause you see i burned this song