Ain't No Train

i don't know where i belong
ain't no train to take me home
you see the very tracks have turned to rust
will the children have to pay
for their father's awful sins
yes i'm afraid they all too often must

i saw a hundred dollar bill
go floating on the wind
too far above my head for me to catch
then i stepped up to your gate
and though you'd told me i was welcome
i could not bring myself to turn the latch

those lucky bastards born to money
who've never gone without
they'll never know just how the poor man feels
run little rabbit run
better get across the highway
if you don't want to be crushed beneath those wheels

sometimes you wonder why you're here
and is anyone paying attention
as though it even matters what you think
and though i've heard the common wisdom
still i believe my chain is stronger
stronger somehow than its weakest link

time just moves in circles
space cannot be measured
the river's gonna overflow its banks
the wind will change direction
the word will be forgotten
you say eternal life i say no thanks