Dixie Wigs

i was down in alabama
on a birmingham street
i stepped into a shop
to get outta the heat
it didn't look it from the outside
but the shop was pretty big
and the name of the place
was dixie wigs

now try to imagine
a thousand heads on the wall
and there were four walls there
so that's four thousand heads y'all
i know it sounds crazy
but that's how it seemed
even now i wonder
was it just something i dreamed

now every head had hair
in all the different styles
if you took all that hair
it'd stretch for miles
but you wouldn't wanna do that
cause it looked so good
sitting on those heads
just the way hair should

now if you need you some hair
and you're down in alabama
just go to dixie wigs
it's a hair panorama
it ain't hard to find
downtown birmingham
and if you go be sure
to say hello from samm